Motion Controllers

Motion Controllers: The motion controller acts as the brain of the system by taking the desired target positions and motion profiles, and creating the trajectories for the motors to follow. It outputs a ±10 V signal for servo motors and a step and direction pulses for stepper motors.
(Image source: Machine Design)

As motion demands are consistently evolving, we have found that there is a major need for controller integration support.  Through continued growth, RSI has further evolved with the industry to offer a complete systems integration solution.  This additional offering for our customers allows us to bring unique value to the industry by offering a fully integrated system including our high precision stage paired with properly specified controllers and motors.  Our goal as a company has always revolved around customer satisfaction and this ability demonstrates that.  With the ability to select the proper controllers and motors for our customer applications, we offer a truly integrated motion platform while minimizing the risk of controller errors.

Common questions we ask while going through this process:

  • What accuracy are you looking to achieve?
  • What is the payload or external stress of this application?
  • What is the motion profile of this application?
    • Is velocity stability significant?
    • How fast are you looking to travel from point A to B?

Specifications to consider when searching for motion controllers include: Number of Axes, Type of Motion Supported, Update Time, and D/A Resolution

(Image source: Machine Design)

These questions help us define the direction we may want to suggest regarding a controller.  From here we can generally accomplish what it is that your application needs to do.

Some major controller manufacturers within the industry that you may have heard of or currently use, include Siemens, Rockwell, ACS Motion Control, Galil, Beckhoff, Copley, Elmo, Bosch, and Emerson.


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