Quality Control and Inspection


Quality and accuracy are very important to us. When building high precision positioning stages that require very high accuracy, the parts we manufacture need to have very tight tolerances as well. Some of these stages are used in the medical device manufacturing, semiconductor, and laser machining industries where the quality and accuracy of these stages are vital to production. To ensure all parts are made to exact specifications, our quality control utilizes inspection equipment to perform in-process and final inspections.

Dynamic Precision Manufacturing has made major investments in state-of-the-art machining centers and metrology instrumentation. We have recently added a new Zeiss Accura Coordinate Measuring Machine to expand our inspection capabilities.

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Zeiss Accura Coordinate Measuring Machine

Zeiss Accura 9/16/8
Coordinate Measuring Machine
X-axis measurement travel: 35.4"
Y-axis measurement travel: 63"
Z-axis measurement travel: 31.4"
length measurement error: 1.2μm + L/350mm