Engineering and Design

3D CAD design modelEngineering and Design

Custom OEM precision motion assemblies are our specialty.  We have the knowledge, experience, tools, and flexibility to offer application specific assemblies comprised of standard products or completely unique designs.  Reliant Systems clients can communicate directly with our engineers to ensure an iterative dialogue exists throughout the design process.  This will ensure that your motion solution fits seamlessly into your system and that we hit your motion and cost goals.

Design tools:
• SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Precision Manufacturing

Precision machining using a horizontal millPrecision Manufacturing

To eliminate the traditional long lead times and overseas quality issues seen industry wide, Reliant Systems has invested in a subsidiary company to vertically integrate and bring all machining in-house.  Dynamic Precision Manufacturing has several mills, turning centers, precision grinders, and measuring tools to ensure the highest precision parts are produced for RSI's motion products.  From parts manufacturing through the build process, we use the highest quality components in the industry from the most respected brands.

• Shorter lead times being vertically integrated
• Strict adherence to quality control and inspection
• Flexibility to do one-off prototypes to high quantity production runs


Stage build process using a digital indicatorBuild Process

From manufacturing the parts, through the assembly/build process, we use skilled and experienced technicians along with a controlled network to ensure only current release documentation is being used for every step.  Tolerances can add up unless you pay attention, so all of our workstations include AA grade granite surface plates, squares, and parallels along with high res electronic indicators to track critical dimensions throughout the process to minimize any additive errors.  Our application engineering team will ensure that your project or application build is completed to your specifications.

Build competency:
• All supporting docs on controlled network
• Preload and tolerance testing
• Cost and schedule targets


Laser Interferometer metrology test equipmentTesting

Performance validation is a proven process with Reliant Systems.  The investment in several metrology tools ensures every motion assembly meets exacting standards.  100% of our products shipped have been tested to conform to our customers specifications.  RSI is a market leader in reliability and quality having won several OEM supplier awards with some of the semiconductor industry leaders.

Test protocols:
• Supporting test results docs
• Linear: yaw, pitch, straightness and flatness of travel, accuracy, and bidirectional repeatability
• Rotary: radial and axial error, wobble, rotation position accuracy, and position repeatability

Rework And Refurbishment Services

Reliant Systems has been an industry leader in precision motion assembly stages for many years.  Because of the relationships RSI has developed throughout the years and our excellent service and assembly team, we are an authorized service center for Newport Corporation.  We specialize in servicing and rework of most older Newport linear and rotary stages as well as other brands.  If you have a motion assembly that needs to be serviced, many times it is cheaper to have us rework/refurbish the assembly than it is to try and design or buy new.  As part of our commitment to excellent service we provide a certificate of compliance with reworked/refurbished motion assembly stages to include inspection/test results.