LP150 & LP200 Low Profile XY Stages

LP150 Low Profile X-Y Stage

The LP150 and LP200 are low profile XY stages in a compact envelope, making them a perfect motion platform for use in desktop inspection and metrology instruments. While compact, performance is strong. Horizontal and vertical straightness of travel is ±1.0μm/25mm and a hysteresis-free linear encoder gives positional feedback at 0.5μm.

For lower overall cost and ease of integration, the LP150 and LP200 use stepper motors with integral controllers and drivers. An internal, high-flex, long life cable loop brings power and communication to the upper axis. Serial communication with a computer is configured as a multi-drop RS422/485 system. A single connection is all that is required for closed loop, XY positioning.

Model LP150 LP200
Stage Travel 150mm x 150mm 200mm x 200mm
Drive Type 0.050" or 0.100" Lead Screw, Anti-backlash Nut
Motor and Controller IMS MDrive Plus
Linear Accuracy ±10.0μm (±5.0μm per 25mm) ±6.0μm
Bidirectional Repeatability ±2.0μm
Straightness of Travel ±8.0μm (±1.0μm per 25mm)
Flatness of Travel ±8.0μm (±1.0μm per 25mm)
Position Feedback 0.5μm Linear Encoder
Orthogonality ±6 arc-sec


Dimensional Drawings of LP150 and LP200 XY Stages