Adding New Machines In Dynamic


As a supplier within the semiconductor industry, here is what we are doing to manage the supply shortages around the world. Our efforts to grow as a qualified supplier go far beyond the production of new products on the side of Reliant Systems Inc. As a vertically integrated company, we have also put continued focus on the growth of our machining capabilities. Our commitment has been shown through the addition of 4 new CNC machines as well as an additional CMM in Dynamic Precision Manufacturing, over the course of the last 12 months. In turn, this has allowed us, at Reliant Systems Inc. to fulfill new opportunities and advancements to better supply our customers. RSI has seen 26 new products designed over an 18-month time frame. This resembles the efforts of RSI in keeping up with the growth demands our customers are experiencing. By making consistent capital investments in infrastructure, CNC machines and personnel, RSI continues to demonstrate our commitment to new and pre-existing customers experiencing shortage, lead time, and capability issues.

To learn more about our capabilities, please visit the Dynamic Precision Manufacturing capabilities page and Reliant Systems products page or reach out to our sales team at any time.