ABLM Series Air Bearing Stages

ABLM200x200 Air Bearing Stage

Our ABLM Series Air Bearing stages are non-contact solutions offering higher accelerations, speeds, velocity stability, accuracy, and repeatability than traditional rolling element bearings. The non-contact nature of air bearings eliminates the need for lubrication and its associated maintenance requirements. Non-contact also implies non-wear making air bearing stages a desirable option for high duty cycle applications. These stages are equipped with porous media bearings to achieve evenly distributed air flow, higher load capacity, stiffness, and stability. Our Air Bearing line is designed for usability in a wide range of environments from clean room to industrial applications.

Available in travel lengths of 100mm-800mm and either incremental or absolute encoders.

Stage Travel 200mm x 200mm (XY configuration)
Accuracy ±4.0µm (uncompensated)
Bi-Directional Repeatability ±150.0nm
Straightness and Flatness ±1.0µm
Pitch ±1.5 arcsec
Roll ±1.5 arcsec
Yaw ±2.0 arcsec
Encoder Incremental
Velocity 800mm/s
Operating Pressure 60 psi

Available with either incremental or absolute encoders with velocities up to 3.6 m/s at 20A and acceleration up to 72 m/s² at 20A.