PR150 Worm Gear Driven Rotary Stage

PR150 Worm Drive Rotary Stage

The PR150 is a worm gear driven rotary stage with a NEMA23 motor mount.  Position information is by motor count or a motor mounted rotary encoder.  A high load capacity, good stiffness, and precise rotation are obtained through the use of a large circular crossed roller bearing.  Custom configurations are available such as motor mounts for 5 phase stepper motors.

Standard Grade Precision Grade
Load Capacity (Kg) 25 25
Stage Weight (Kg) 4 4
Concentricity of Rotation (µm) ±6.0 ±3.0
Concentricity of Center Bore/Hub (µm) ±8.0 ±4.0
Flatness of Rotation (TIR) at 75mm Radius (µm) ±5.0 ±2.5
Standard Worm Gear Ratio 45:1
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PR150 Stage Dimension Drawings