Electrical Assembly Besides good engineering, consistent product quality is the result of skilled and experienced technicians, use of quality components, and disciplined documentation control.  Most of our assembly and test technicians have well over a decade of experience in building motion platforms.  Our vendors for machined components also have a long history of producing stage plates and other critical components.  Bearings, ball screws, lead screws, motors, and encoders come from some of the most respected names in the industry.

Indicating Parallel Tolerances can and do add up unless you pay attention.  All of our assembly workstations include AA grade granite surface plates, squares, and parallels along with high resolution dial indicators to track critical dimensions throughout the assembly process to minimize additive errors.

For linear crossed roller bearing stages, applying preload is a critical step in the assembly of a stage.  Similarly, for stages with recirculating truck and rail bearing guides the straightness and alignment of the rails to one another is critical. Clean Room Assembly A laser interferometer is used to monitor yaw and pitch during this step in the build process to ensure performance.

All supporting assembly documents, such as work instructions and checklists, are readily available at every workstation from a controlled network location to be sure only the currently released documents are used.