TR450 Stage

TR450 Linear OEM Stage Stacked in an X-Y Configuration

The TR450 stage body is wider than most stages in this travel length in order to minimize the cantilever and its affects when configured as an XY stage.  It also provides a larger, more stable platform for sample fixturing.  Vertical and horizontal straightness errors are less than ±5.0µm over the full 450mm travel, even when measured as an XY stack.  Applications include small flat panel inspection and circuit board processing.

NOTE: If you are looking for tighter specs and tolerances, we can customize to your needs.

Stage Travel 450mm
Linear Guides 15mm Recirculating Ball Bearing
Drive Type 5mm Ball Screw
Motor Mount NEMA23
Linear Accuracy ±15µm w/ linear compensation
Bidirectional Repeatability ±2.0µm
Pitch ±12 arc-sec
Yaw ±6 arc-sec
Straightness of Travel ±5.0µm / Travel
Flatness of Travel ±5.0µm / Travel
Travel Limits Optical, 5-24VDC


TR450 Stage Dimension Drawings