Engineering Services

Engineering Services

  • Engineering Laser Testing Engineering Laser Testing


    • Performance: We can help characterize the performance of your current system using cutting edge simulation, testing, and analytical techniques.
    • Testing: With a full suite of laser measurement equipment and control solutions, we provide services including 6 degrees of freedom measurements and motion profile characterization.
    • Analysis: Customized reporting and recommendations developed from performance characterization and testing to aid with system, component, and process implementation.


  • Illustration of a product design print along with a 3D model Illustration of a product design print along with a 3D model


    • New Product Introduction: Alleviating customer capacity constraints by assisting with new product designs and improving time to market. This could include modeling, drawings, and prototyping.
    • Modifications: Updating existing systems to meet market demands.
    • Performance: Design recommendations to improve performance.
    • Cost Savings/Lead Time: Identifying, recommending, and qualifying alternate solutions to reduce cost and shorten lead time.
  • Engineering Simulation Engineering Simulation


    • Vibration/Frequency: Characterize vibration modes and frequencies of mechanical components.
    • Mechanical Deformation: Characterize deformations under load conditions and system constraints.
    • Thermal Modeling: Characterize heat production and distribution within a system and provide recommendations.


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