PR150 Worm Gear Driven Rotary Stage

PR150 Worm Gear Driven Rotary Stage

The PR150 is a worm gear driven rotary stage with a NEMA23 motor mount.  Position information is by motor count or a motor mounted rotary encoder.  A high load capacity, good stiffness, and precise rotation are obtained through the use of a large circular crossed roller bearing.  Custom configurations are available such as motor mounts for 5 phase stepper motors.

Load Capacity 25 kg
Stage Weight 4 kg
Accuracy ±0.045˚
Bi-Directional Repeatability ±0.030˚
Concentricity of Rotation ±6.0 µm
Concentricity of Center Bore/Hub ±8.0 µm
Flatness of Rotation (TIR) at 75mm Radius ±5.0 µm
Standard Worm Gear Ratio 45:1
Home Optical Switch
Capabilities! Capabilities!


Reliant Systems, Inc. is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of high precision motion systems. We specialize in custom, easy to integrate OEM motion assemblies that have been designed for a customer's specific application.


When one of our existing stages is close to being the right solution for a customer’s application, our experienced engineering team can make appropriate modifications to make it the perfect solution.  Modifications to an existing product will save time and money for our customers when a completely new design may not be needed.  We take pride in providing our customers with a plug-and-play solution that is performance tested to ensure a smooth transition into their application.


Design & Prototype

Custom OEM precision motion assemblies are our specialty. We have the knowledge, experience, tools, and flexibility to offer application specific assemblies comprised of standard products or completely unique designs. Reliant Systems clients can communicate directly with our engineers to ensure an iterative dialogue exists throughout the design process. This will ensure that your motion solution fits seamlessly into your system and that we hit your motion and cost goals.

Also, to save time and money, when one of our standard stages is close to being the right solution for a customer’s application, our experienced engineering team can make a few modifications to make it the perfect solution.

Design tools:

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional



From manufacturing the parts, through the assembly/build process, we use skilled and experienced technicians along with a controlled network to ensure only current release documentation is being used for every step. Tolerances can add up unless you pay attention, so all of our workstations include AA grade granite surface plates, squares, and parallels along with high res electronic indicators to track critical dimensions throughout the process to minimize any additive errors. Our application engineering team will ensure that your project or application build is completed to your specifications.

Build competency:

  • All supporting docs on controlled network
  • Preload and tolerance testing
  • Cost and schedule targets



Performance validation is a proven process with Reliant Systems. The investment in several metrology tools ensures every motion assembly meets exacting standards. 100% of our products shipped have been tested to conform to our customers specifications. RSI is a market leader in reliability and quality having won several OEM supplier awards with some of the semiconductor industry leaders.

Test protocols:

  • Supporting test results docs
  • Linear: yaw, pitch, straightness and flatness of travel, accuracy, and bidirectional repeatability
  • Rotary: radial and axial error, wobble, rotation position accuracy, and position repeatability
  • Performance: We can help characterize the performance of your current system using cutting edge simulation, testing, and analytical techniques.
  • Testing: With a full suite of laser measurement equipment and control solutions, we provide services including 6 degrees of freedom measurements and motion profile characterization.
  • Analysis: Customized reporting and recommendations developed from performance characterization and testing to aid with system, component, and process implementation.


  • New Product Introduction: Alleviating customer capacity constraints by assisting with new product designs and improving time to market. This could include modeling, drawings, and prototyping.
  • Modifications: Updating existing systems to meet market demands.
  • Performance: Design recommendations to improve performance.
  • Cost Savings/Lead Time: Identifying, recommending, and qualifying alternate solutions to reduce cost and shorten lead time.


  • Vibration/Frequency: Characterize vibration modes and frequencies of mechanical components.
  • Mechanical Deformation: Characterize deformations under load conditions and system constraints.
  • Thermal Modeling: Characterize heat production and distribution within a system and provide recommendations.

Besides manufacturing products of our own design, we also offer build-to-print contract manufacturing solutions ranging from X-Y-Θ stage assemblies to desktop instruments to fully integrated wafer inspection platforms. Our integration capabilities consist of assembly, stage leveling, customer required testing, and troubleshooting.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing:

  • Supplier management
  • Reduction in customer inventory
  • Reducing internal lead time
  • Alleviating customer capacity constraints

Driven by a wide range of customers seeking manufacturing/assembly environments that do not require industry-leading cleanroom facilities, standards, and practices, Reliant Systems, Inc. has expanded into industrial contract manufacturing by opening a second facility dedicated to fulfilling customer demands.

Our services include supplier/inventory management, manufacturing engineering support, assembly, customer specified testing, and necessary troubleshooting to provide quality turnkey solutions.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing:

  • Supplier management
  • Reduction in customer inventory
  • Reducing internal lead time
  • Alleviating customer capacity constraints


Targeted Industries include:

  • Automotive
  • Power Solutions
  • Industrial Machine Building

Dynamic Precision Manufacturing was established to address the need for tight-tolerance machined components for its parent company (Reliant Systems, Inc.) and customers looking for high quality precision machining services.

Dynamic has a full engineering support staff to work closely with our customers from concept to design to implementation.  Dynamic's vision is to not only support Reliant Systems but to offer high quality precision machining services to customers in fields that also have these demanding tolerance requirements.

Dynamic has made major investments in state-of-the-art machining centers and metrology instrumentation and combined with our contract manufacturing and assembly area we can provide a complete turnkey product to our customers.

Benefits of Vertical Integration:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Strict adherence to quality control and inspection
  • Flexibility ranging from one-off prototypes to high quantity production runs