API50 Crossed Roller Bearing Stage

API50 Crossed Roller Bearing Stage Stacked in X-Y Configuration

The API50 is a mid-range precision, low profile, 3mm crossed roller bearing stage with excellent stiffness and durability.  The high efficiency ball screw drive uses a preloaded nut for good bi-directional repeatability without the use of a linear encoder.  A NEMA17 motor mount accepts stepper, DC servo, or brushless servo motors.  Optical limit and home switches provide protection with long-term reliability.

NOTE: If you are looking for tighter specs and tolerances, we can customize to your needs.

Stage Travel 50mm
Linear Bearing 3mm Crossed Roller
Stage Weight 2Kg
Maximum Load 20Kg
Ball Screw Lead 1.0mm
Motor Mount NEMA17
Limit & Home Switches Optical, 5VDC, Active High (Open Collector)
Maximum Pitch ±25µrad (±5 arc-sec)
Maximum Yaw ±20µrad (±4 arc-sec)
Bidirectional Repeatability ±1.0µm
Linear Accuracy* ±3.0µm

*With Linear Error Compensation

API50 Crossed Roller Bearing Stage Dimension Drawings