650mm Long Travel Stage

650mm Long Travel Stage

The 650mm long travel stage is used for inspecting or processing larger parts such as flat panels and circuit boards.  Many options are available, including stepper motors, servo motors, or “smart” motors with integral controllers (shown above), connector bulkheads, and side seals.  Even though the 650mm long travel is an economical stage, performance has not been compromised.  A stiff stage body machined from 7075 aluminum ensures angular errors (pitch, yaw, roll) and straightness errors (straightness and flatness of travel) are kept to a minimum.  Large, precision linear rail guides with recirculating, caged ball bearings

provide smooth, quiet travel, long life and high load capacity.  Because many of our stages are integrated into metrology instruments or process tools, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of all external surface finishes.

Split Gantry System using two 650mm long travel stages

NOTE: If you are looking for tighter specs and tolerances, we can customize to your needs.

Stage Travel 650mm
Linear Guides 15mm Recirculating Ball Bearing
Motor Options IMS MDrive or Standard Stepper or Servo
Motor Mount NEMA23
Drive Type 0.200” Lead Screw
Linear Accuracy w/ linear compensation¹,² ±30μm
Bidirectional Repeatability³ ±4.0μm
Maximum Velocity 100mm/sec
Pitch ±20 arc-sec
Yaw ±20 arc-sec
Straightness of Travel ±5.0μm / Travel
Flatness of Travel ±5.0μm / Travel
Load Capacity 50Kg
Travel Limits Optical, 5-24VDC

¹ Higher accuracies available on request
² Measured 50mm above surface
³ With 2500 line encoder

650mm Long Travel Stage Dimension Drawings