HSR08 Direct Encoded Rotary Stage


The HSR08 is a high precision, direct encoded, worm gear driven rotary stage. While most high resolution, direct encoded rotary stages use direct drive servo motors, some applications need the at-position stability offered by a stepper motor. Other applications benefit from the torque amplification of a gear drive, or the ability to support a torsional load without applying power. In the configuration pictured above, a 0.45° stepper motor achieves a positioning resolution of better than 0.3 arc-sec. Bidirectional repeatability is better than ±1.0arc-sec. Low wobble error and high stiffness is achieved by using precision matched, preloaded angular contact bearings in conjunction with a strong body and hub made of 7075 aluminium. To ensure the top mating surface of the hub is parallel to the plane of rotation a final machining operation is performed after the stage is assembled. Indicated runout at the outside edge is typically less than 3μm.

Stage Specifications
Travel 360°
Rotational Accuracy ±10 arc-sec
Bidirectional Repeatability ±1 arc-sec
Encoder Ring 31,488 Cycles per Revolution
Digital Encoder Resolution, RS4221 10.28, 2.06, 1.03, 0.41, 0.21, 0.10 arc-sec
Wobble ±4 arc-sec
Radial Runout (Eccentricity) 3μm
Axial Runout 2μm
Load Capacity 25Kg
Motor Mount NEMA23
Drive Type 90:1 Worm Gear
Home Sensor Open Collector, Logical (170°/190° H/L)
End-of-Travel Limits None

1. Other encoder resolution options available including Sine 1Vp-p
2. Test configuration: 0.45° step motor, 0.10 arc-sec resolution encoder


HSR08 Rotary Stage


 HSR08 Rotary Stage Specifications Sheet