About Us


Reliant Systems, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of high precision linear and rotary positioning stages.  We specialize in custom, easy to integrate OEM motion assemblies that have been designed for a customer’s specific application.   Assemblies typically include multiple axes of positioning stages, support structures such as base plates, bridges and brackets, orthogonal alignment between axes, cable management, and connector bulkheads.  Our positioning stages are found in metrology, inspection, and production tools used in the semiconductor, data recording, materials, medical device and laser machining industries.

Depending on the application, our linear stages typically use either linear crossed roller bearings or recirculating bearing truck and rails guides.  Drive options include rolled or precision ground lead screws or ball screws, direct drive ceramic motors, and direct drive brushless linear motors.  Most of our linear stages include linear encoder position feedback for increased accuracy and better bi-directional and long term repeatability.

Our rotary stages use matched angular contact bearing sets for high precision, stiffness, and a low profile.  Drive options include traditional worm gears, as well as direct drive ceramic motors and direct drive brushless motors.  Direct rotary encoder feedback is available for both worm and direct drive versions.

In addition to producing our own designs, we also offer contract manufacturing of customer designed motion platforms.



Reliant Systems, Inc. was founded in 2004 to support OEM precision motion customers impacted by the discontinuation of operations at Newport Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Plymouth, MN (originally MikroPrecision Instruments). Since then, Reliant has grown by maintaining existing customers, expanding our customer base and increasing our product offerings and capabilities. Our focus continues to be OEM customers who are looking for customized, easy to integrate motion assemblies that have been configured specifically for their application.


Our Employees

Most of RSI’s employees have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing precision stages going back to the mid 1990’s when they worked together at MikroPrecision Instruments and later Newport Corporation.



In 2007 Reliant Systems moved into its current location just north of the Minneapolis, Minnesota metropolitan area. We have a 12,000 square foot facility with about 6,000 square feet dedicated to production. This includes a 500 square foot, class 10,000 clean room for assembling products that are to be integrated into semiconductor inspection tools. Clean Room


Randy Olerich

Cofounder of RSI, began his career in the manufacture and test of precision motion in 1994.

Kevin Duffy

Handles OEM business development and applications engineering. Kevin has a long sales and support background in optical microscopy and metrology, and 8 years in sales and applications support of precision motion components.

John Berkey

Is our senior design engineer. John has been designing precision motion hardware for over 15 years, and also has extensive experience designing medical devices and production automation systems.