RSL1000X High-Speed Long Travel Stage

RSL1000X High-Speed Long Travel Stage with optional Z axis

The RSL1000X high-speed long travel stage was developed for a new customer to replace a linear stage in an application that was not meeting their desired performance criteria.  At 1299mm in total length and 185mm in width, the RSL1000X has 1000mm of travel and utilizes a direct drive with linear motors and ultra-precision linear guide rails.  It is well suited for applications requiring accelerations up to 2.6g and/or velocity up to 3.3m/s.  There is also easy integration with an optional Z axis (pictured above).

Stage Travel 1000mm
Drive Type Linear Motors
Peak Force 420N
Continuous Force 240N
Encoder Resolution 1.0µm
Linear Accuracy ±10.0µm
Bi-Directional Repeatability ±5.0µm
Flatness of Travel ±10.0µm/500mm
Straightness of Travel ±20.0µm/500mm
Orthogonality 10 arcsec
Max Velocity 3.3m/s
Max Acceleration 26m/s²