LSN100 & LSN150 Stages

LSN Series Linear Stages with one being in Stacked X-Y Configuration

Similar in construction to our LS family of stages, the LSN100 (100mm travel) and LSN150 (150mm travel) were developed to support a couple of our customers who were looking for drop-in replacement stages for previously designed tools.  Features include a narrow profile (115mm wide), covered vertical side slots to prevent debris from entering the stage body, a two piece top plate for easy access to the drive screw for maintenance, and a 5mm ball screw drive capable of handling accelerations exceeding 1g (load dependant).  Both horizontal and vertical straightness and flatness of travel are better than ±2.0µm per travel.  Optical limit and home switches are included (5V or 24V).  Both metric and NEMA motor flanges can be supported.

NOTE: If you are looking for tighter specs and tolerances, we can customize to your needs.

Stage Travel (mm) 100 150
Straightness of Travel (µm) ±2.0 ±2.0
Flatness of Travel (µm) ±2.0 ±2.0
Load Capacity (Kg) 40 40
Stage Weight (Kg) 4.5 5.0
Linear Accuracy (µm) ±7 ±8
Bidirectional Repeatability (µm) ±1.0 ±1.0
Ball Screw Lead (mm) 5.0 5.0


LSN Series Stage Dimension Drawings