CT101 XYZ Stage

The CT101 XYZ stage was developed for a contract manufacturer that works with many medical device manufacturing companies.  The specifications of having an XY with a Z axis all with 101mm of travel and high precision accuracy, repeatability, straightness, and flatness of travel made this XYZ well suited for their application.  A key feature on this configuration is the NEMA23 motor mounts which allows the customer to select a motor that integrates well with their controller of choice.

CT101 XYZ stage

NOTE: If you are looking for tighter specs and tolerances, we can customize to your needs.

XY Axis Z Axis
Travel 101mm x 101mm 101mm
Drive Type 0.100" Lead Screw 0.100" Lead Screw
Motor Mount NEMA23 NEMA23
Encoder Resolution 0.1µm 0.1µm
Linear Accuracy ±1.5µm/25mm ±2.0µm/25mm
Bidirectional Repeatability ±0.5µm ±0.5µm
Straightness of Travel ±1.0µm/100mm ±1.0µm/100mm
Flatness of Travel ±1.0µm/100mm ±1.0µm/100mm
Orthogonality ±5.0 arc-sec NA