API50 Crossed Roller Bearing Stage

HS60 Center Drive Stage

The API50 is a mid-range precision, low profile, 3mm crossed roller bearing stage with excellent stiffness and durability.  The high efficiency ball screw drive uses a preloaded nut for good bi-directional repeatability without the use of a linear encoder.  A NEMA17 motor mount accepts stepper, DC servo, or brushless servo motors. Optical limit and home switches provide protection with long-term reliability.

Travel 50mm
Linear Bearing 3mm Crossed Roller
Stage Weight 2Kg
Maximum Load 20Kg
Ball Screw Lead 1.0mm
Motor Mount NEMA17
Limit & Home Switches Optical, 5VDC, Active High (Open Collector)
Maximum Pitch ±25µrad (±5 arc-sec)
Maximum Yaw ±20µrad (±4 arc-sec)
Bidirectional Repeatability ±1.0µm
Linear Accuracy* ±3.0µm

*With linear error compensation.

API50 Crossed Roller Bearing Stage Drawing


API50 Crossed Roller Bearing Stage Specifications Sheet