Engineering and Design

Custom OEM motion assemblies are our specialty.  We have the knowledge, experience, tools, and flexibility to offer application specific assemblies comprised of standard products or completely unique designs.  To reduce the lead time and costs to design and test new product designs we use SolidWorks 3D CAD software with Simulation Professional.

First Article Laser Testing An example of an OEM assembly created for a customer’s specific application is a custom three axis solution we designed for a manufacturer of laser cutting tools. Because the X and Y axis are mounted outside of the work enclosure, but the Z axis within the enclosure, a long XY to Z mounting bracket would have been required using an assembly made up of standard, single axis stages.  Instead, to improve on the rigidity of the system for improved dynamic positioning, an extended length Y axis stage was designed with a large cross section and a linear rail bearing layout that actually increases the length of the stance between the bearing trucks as the stage extends.  To better support the Y axis, an extra wide version of our LS stage was used for the X axis.  Fitted to the end of the Y axis is a custom Z stage that includes mounts for easy integration of the laser delivery system and the scan head.

With a their previous motion solution, it was up to the customer to design and build their own mounting brackets, and to assemble, align, and cable track the three axes of motion.  The RSI solution is supplied fully assembled, aligned, and tested; ready for final integration.

Design Engineering Simulation Completed Assembly
Design Engineering Simulation Completed Assembly